Hello, I’m Anthony Eng,
Social Impact Entrepreneur &
Proponent for Sense-of-Place,
Based in Southeast Asia.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Anthony Eng is an Old Andersonian (Ipoh) and alumnus of INSEAD Business School. He is known for his pioneering initiatives of social impact and slow places advocacy in Southeast Asia region. Prior to his venture across Southeast Asia region, Anthony served as an informal advisor for place branding and diaspora networking to the State Government of Perak, Malaysia for several years. A social historian, his books include A Journey, The Perak Story, The Royal Legacy of Perak, Great Depression of Perak, and Legacy of a Perakean.

Raised in a middle-class family, he is an avid heritage conservationist and deep ecologist. He is also an aspiring minimalist and believes that car ownership is overrated – over a decade ago decided not to own a car. Known to be a long-time sense-of-place proponent and currently working on creating large-scale protected areas in Malaysia and Indonesia.

He founded a network of social impact, sustainable and collaborative enterprises to promote conservation and preservation of Southeast Asian’s sense-of-place. Anthony was instrumental in the formation of inclusive organizations, including the League of Perak, Slow Places Foundation, and Sense-of-Place Convergence. Anthony’s reputation in demonstrating of being a proud Perakean and Southeast Asian continued to grow and has passed this infectious enthusiasm on to his partners, investors, collaborative personnel, vendors, and stakeholders.  

He owed much of his early social impact initiatives to his three mentors namely Tun Dato’ Seri Azlanii (Dr.) Mohammed Hanif bin Omar (former Inspector General Police of Malaysia and Deputy Chairman of Genting Group); Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Azlanii Dr. Visu Sinnadurai (leading Legal Luminary of Southeast Asia), and Dato’ Seri Dr. Abdullah Fadzil bin Che Wan (Lord of Kinta, former Defence and Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister of Malaysia).

In keeping abreast of rapid change, he has attended various programmes at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Anthony brought a radically different approach to the collaborative workspace – enacting Malaysia’s first cat friendly office and cultivating penchant for live plants. He has long been a huge fan of Hush Puppies brand; known to be canophilist and ailurophile, he currently has a dog and five cats.

He escapes the demands of everyday life through shinrin-yoku and music – a big fan of Ludwig van Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Williams, Steve Jablonsky, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Ramin Djawadi. He lives in Ipoh, Malaysia and commute between Kuala Lumpur; Labuan, Bali and Singapore periodically.